Games With Tony

Welcome! Below you will find a list of my digital apps and physical variants for board gaming, mostly for solo play. If you enjoy my work, feel free to buy me a coffee.

Online Helpers

Brass: Birmingham Online Solo Opponents

A complete solution for playing Brass: Birmingham solo, with no AI to learn! Simply tell the app what moves you are making and the app tells you what the AI does. Play a 2 or 3-player game!

Kanban EV Solo Helper

Automates the brilliant solo mode for Kanban EV by Vital Lacerda and David Turczi.

On Mars: Pathfinder and Lacerda Solo Helper

Automates the official solo mode for On Mars by Vital Lacerda, and my own solo variant, Pathfinder.

Marvel Champions: Digital Hit Points, Threat, Counters, and Status Cards

A digital alternative to all the physical tokens and dials in Marvel Champions.

Nemo's War: Online Dice Roller

Dice roller for Nemo's War.

Nemo's War: Score Calculator

Score calculator for Nemo's War.

Solo Modes

Pathfinder - An Unofficial On Mars Solo Mode (w/ Curiosity Solo Campaign)

A streamlined variant for solo play of On Mars.

Eliza - A Brass: Birmingham Solo Mode (w/ Mechanis Solo Campaign)

A low-maintenance solo variant for Brass: Birmingham.

Behind Enemy Lines: A Scythe Solo Adventure

A solo adventure for Scythe with a simplistic but challenging AI that takes seconds to run.

Siedler - A Catan Solo Mode

Yes that's right. A solo mode for Catan!